Speech Therapy & Sleep Disorders

People are social beings and socializing is part of our wellbeing. What can be more discouraging than an inability to communicate because of a speech disorder or an inability to keep track of a conversation because you are deprived of adequate sleep?

Speech disorders affect a person’s ability to form the sounds that allow them to communicate with other people. These disorders can affect both adults and children. The good news is that a lot can be done to improve speech these days. Childcare and Wellness Clinics’ experienced and dedicated speech therapists are here to help. Just book an appointment at the front desk and lets get talking.

Sleep disorders can make everyday seem like a drag, make you grouchy, affect concentration, relationships as well as performance at work. Let us help you solve your sleep problems or that of a loved one. Call in to book an appointment to see our sleep specialist or just ask at the front desk.